Covid-19 Update


*You MUST comply with these restrictions in order to receive service*


1.  BEFORE entering building , your face mask or face covering MUST be on and worn at all times while in building. Make sure you wear your mask correctly keeping your mouth and nose covered. We suggest a mask that loops around the ears to be more efficient for the appt. 


2.  Please DO NOT come early. Arrive at the time of your appt. 


3.  You cannot bring a guest, children or pets along with you during appt. Please come solo. 


4.  Food and beverages can not be consumed in the salon. If you have a medical condition that requires you to eat or drink please contact your stylist directly. 


    Lastly, by the State of Maine, we are required to ask these prior to and before your appt. If you do show signs of any of these symptoms, we are unable to perform services on anyone who exhibits signs COVID-19 virus.


Anyone who shows 1 or more symptoms in the last 14 days prior to their appt: 

       * Cough

       * Shortness of Breath 

       * Body Aches  

       * Chills

       * Muscle Pain

       * Headache 

       * Sore Throat

       * Loss of taste and Smell

       * Been with anyone who  exhibits the signs of these symptoms.

       * Been quarantined with someone who is sick or sick with these symptoms within the last 14 days? 

       * Also we cannot have people in the salon who have traveled outside the state of Maine in the past 14 days before your appt with the exemption of these boarder crossing of: New Hampshire, Vermont


**If you have answered yes to any of these, we must reschedule your appt. 


Be Kind, Be thoughtful...... WE are all in this Together!


❤️Lisa, Ali & Heath

Portland Hair Company, LLC